Sunday, October 21, 2007

Launchpad McQuack

I've been watching old episodes of Duck Tales recently, they're pretty great. They did, however, bring up some old questions about Launchpad. How he was able to work two jobs simultaneously is beyond me.


Sharan said...

Have you read my story on fanfiction "What Launchpad did during his summer vacation"?


Marbles471 said...

Here's what I always imagined: Launchpad's assignments for Scrooge began to get less frequent (since he's around less often in DuckTales's later days), and for that reason he opened up his hangar in 1990 to bring in some regular income. That's where Darkwing crash landed into his life, of course. So he moved in with Drake Mallard in the spring of 1991 and became Darkwing's sidekick, but still maintained his status as a part-time freelance pilot (if for no other reason than to to bring income into the Mallard house), which is why he still occasionally will run a job for Scrooge (thus his continued appearances in DuckTales comic book stories until they ended in 1995). I like to imagine that remains his status to this day, in a non-aging cartoon universe.