Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Show - Super Hero

I posted a drawing earlier of a super hero battling a cowboy, but ultimately it was decided that instead of showing the competing themes, we'd have one poster per theme. So this was a bit of a rush job, since the show is really soon and we just want to get the word out. Check out the difference between the final product (above) and the thumbnail sketch (below:)
The sketch is so much better: more dynamic, more loose. The super hero in the finished drawing looks like he has a weird hunchback with a tiny arm flailing about, while the sketch looks like a solid punch-to-the-face! Luckily, I loosened up by the time I got to the villain, and I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out.
On another note, not to get sentimental or anything, but this is the last poster I'll ever make for the Ad-Libs. Therefore, that also means this is my last show with the Ad-Libs. Unless, of course, if I don't graduate...

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