Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Angry Yeti

I submitted this Angry Yeti picture to www.threadless.com, in hopes of it winning a T-Shirt design contest. If I win I could get $100 or more! If you feel like voting for my shirt, go to http://www.threadless.com/submission/33355/Angry_Yeti

Angry Yeti! Posted by Hello


Scott said...

The yeti is awesome! I could easily see him somewhere on Cartoon Network.

You've got some really nice stuff here.

The Heretic said...

Hey, I love your squirrel. And the 'protect your nuts' quip. I am launching my own website in a few months. How could I get permission to use your art (the squirell) as a logo on my site? I would gladly link to your site or your personal web page.
Let me know:

Mike said...

The Yeti rocks. My work has adapted it as the unofficial logo for our Everest burn-in jig "the yeti"